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Remedies for Anxious Pets

Leaving your furry family members may not always be easy, especially if they’re prone to
separation anxiety or nervousness related to environmental changes. Not to worry!
There are plenty at home remedies you can incorporate for the duration of your absence away.
We’ll delve right into each specifically but they include, incorporating calming music, cuddle or
pet time, added exercise, distraction with a special toy or treat, and Lastly, giving them alone
time to decompress.

Calming music can be just as beneficial to pets just as it is for humans. Background noise can be
extremely helpful and comforting for your pet if you need to step out for a few hours or for the

Spotify has curated playlists for sleep or calming needs. More specifically ‘Dog Music’ a verified
artist on Spotify has over 69k Monthly Listeners. Click here for a helpful link.

Providing an extra cuddle or pet, can help ease stress as well and even boost serotonin levels
which increase the feeling of well-being.

Additional exercise is another chance for pets to release any pent up stress or energy. If your
pet prefers space, an extra walk alone or one on one playtime can be helpful.

As for our feline friends, pet owners can incorporate laser pointers into play time or daily
routine for exercise. A harness with a leash is a great way for your cat to safely explore the
outdoors, if he or she allows you to put it on safely, of course!

Special toys or treats! Admit it, your furry family member has a favorite treat. They all do!
Puzzles or Snuffle Mats can be wonderful products to help keep pups satisfied and mentally
stimulated. They promote natural habits like foraging and sniffing while rewarding them with
treats or kibbles.

For Cats, special treats can include catnip sprinkled along their favorite toy or cat tree!
If all else seems to be a bit much for your pets, give them alone time. Give them the space and
they need to decompress. You can even go as far as letting them relax in their favorite room or
spot for the time being

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