Wellness Activities for Your Pooch

Maintaining exercise and incorporating activities are important for maintaining your dog’s wellbeing. A big positive of maintaining these habits is you’ll notice a reduction in negative
behaviors, plus it’s a wonderful bonding experience and fun!

Safety First! All activities should always be supervised.

Bobbing for Toys (perfect activity for Summer!)
Fill a large and wide bucket full of water and place toys inside! This one is great for pups who
absolutely love water. It’s best for the outdoors as you can imagine things can get wet and wild

Squirt Guns
Squirt guns are another great activity to incorporate during the warmer months and for pups
who love to get wet! It adds an element of suspense and will have your dog running around for
chase and play.

Hunting for Treasure (treats!)
This one is simple, yet effective!
Perfect for the food motivated pup. Place your dog away from the area you choose to use. Grab
any treats or kibble your pup loves and hide around an area of your choosing. When you’re
finished hiding everything, release your pup and allow him to sniff for the buried treasure
(treats!). He or she may need help searching from time to time, you can walk around or even
point to the area where its hidden.

Jolly Balls
Jolly Balls are originally made for Horses, but can be used for pups to play with too! This activity
is great for multiple pup household as Jolly Balls are large enough for everyone to enjoy without
getting protective over.

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